Track publisher networks newest added websites. is an automated newsletter that informs you which websites are newly added to the major advertising networks like AdThrive, Ezoic, Mediavine and Monumetric. This will help you get an overview of what is currently trending and what requirements your site must meet in order to be accepted by one of these networks as well. You will receive frequent emails from us with the latest additions to the networks. Get the latest sites conveniently delivered to your inbox and learn from the best.
No hidden costs. No spam.
How does it work?
1. Our bots are searching for newly added websites.
2. When we discover new sites, we aggregate them and prepare them for you.
3. We will send an email with the latest added niche sites to your inbox.
What do i have to do?
1. Enter your e-mail.
2. Get the newest sites for every ad network straight into your e-mail box delivered.
3. Study whats working. Start learning and earning.
What do i get?
Whenever enough new sites have been added, you will receive a mail with a detailed overview of the newly added sites sorted by the respective network. However, we never send more than one email per day!
Ad Networks
AdThrive only accepts sites that have had at least 100.000 unique visitors in the last thirty days. The sites accepted by Adthrive have large to very large traffic volumes.
Ezoic does not have exact specifications regarding the required traffic of a website. Every publisher can apply here.
Mediavine only accepts sites that have had at least 50.000 unique visitors in the last thirty days. The pages accepted by Mediavine are of medium size in terms of traffic.
Monumetric expects at least 10.000 monthly unique visitors. Especially small to medium-sized websites are found here in terms of traffic.


Are there any costs?
No, our newsletter is completely free for you. Advanced trackers are planned, but the basic version will always remain free.
How often will you send an email?
It depends on how many new pages are added to the respective networks. Basically, you get a daily update if there are at least two new sites across networks. If there are not at least two new sites, there is no update for that day and you won't receive an email.
How can i unsubscribe?
At the end of a newsletter there is an "Unsubscribe" button. Click this button and follow the instructions to stop receiving new updates.
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